On December 12, Carlos Moreira da Silva was kind enough to make himself available to have an intimate dinner with a small number of our members. 
With a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, by the University of Porto, and with a master's degree and PhD in Management Sciences, both by the University of Warwick, Carlos Moreira da Silva is, since 1998, the president of BA Vidro, having led the company’s management buyout.
Currently he is also a member of BPI’s Board, of Cotec Portugal’s Board, and of World Economic Forum’s Global Leaders for Tomorrow, and he is the Vice-President of Sonae Industry SGPS’s Board of Directors. Moreover, he taught at the University of Porto for 13 years, until 1986.
In 1987 he took on the Executive Administration of EDP and in 1988 he joined Sonae’s Board of Directors, where he was responsible for launching the journal Público. Later, when he was already President of Sonae Industry, he promoted the launch of Sport Zone and Vobis. Last but not least, between 2003 and 2005 he was the CEO of Sonae Industry, having led the company’s restructuring.

The dinner will be at Círculo Eça de Queiroz with a cost of 32,5 €.

Event is limited to 20 people only.

Please let us know in case you would like to attend, to the email: harvardclubedeportugal@gmail.com.

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