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Activities Policies and Procedures

The events that our Club organizes and presents to its members are among the most important products of our work. They provide unique, interesting, and engaging sessions for our members that highlight and enforce their connections with Harvard and HCP and help maintain our organization. For this, we have an Activities Committee and the following Policies and Procedures for organizing and implementing our events.

Events organized and presented by HCP need to be consistent with the values and traditions of Harvard. They should be relevant to the interests of our membership and should encourage members of the Harvard community to join our Club and maintain their membership. They should provide special value to HCP members when possible, be politically neutral, and be consistent with HCSF’s values and objectives. Our Activities Committee should provide opportunities for members to participate in organizing and presenting our events.

In view of our Harvard relationship, speakers and other prominent participants featured in our events should have a Harvard connection whenever possible, but we should welcome others without a Harvard connection if they and their subject would be of special interest to our members. In a scenario where there is no Harvard connection, there should be a meaningful value proposition to the Club. 

Pricing for attending one of our events can be flexible, based on the cost of presenting it, enhancing interest in it, and promoting and maintaining HCP membership, but an overall objective is to sustain our Club and its costs of operation. We do have a subset of events (e.g., some outdoor events) where the primary goal is to foster community rather than grow short term revenue or membership. We believe that such events will impact long term engagement with the club.

For an event to be considered it must provide special value to Harvard Club of Portugal Members, be politically neutral, and not be a "sales pitch" for any individual or organization. As a non-profit organization, The Harvard Club of Portugal does not provide speaker fees.

Code of Conduct on Social Networks

The Harvard Club of Portugal encourages all member to join and actively participate on all the club’s social media platforms and now it would be helpful to describe what we see as the purpose of these groups and some guidelines when posting:
1. To provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas related to any relevant topics to help inform everyone using, to your knowledge, credible sources.
2. To provide a support network for all of us and keep the spirit and values of Harvard.
3. Do watch what you say - you are responsible for what you write.
4. Be professional and do not get personal. A good general rule to follow is, "criticize ideas, not people”.
5. The Club did NOT create social media Groups to:
a. Read or see videos with personal/racial/ethnic / gender-based insults, slurs or offensive comments about any organization/individual or anything else that might violate someone's privacy.
b. Read or see videos expressing biased political opinions. We do not ask you to hide your political opinions, but the Club is to remain rigorously non-partisan, and we expect any post to respect this rule.
c. Broadcast messages that are disrespectful, that advertise goods or services, that slander, threaten, or reference other enterprises, websites, Email addresses, phone numbers, or that distribute copyrighted materials.
6. To ensure these channels are valuable for all members, anyone not complying with the rules might be removed.
7. The access is for Harvard Club of Portugal alumni and affiliate only. We strongly encourage those that have not yet registered as Alumni Members or Affiliate Members to do so, as not to lose access to our social media channels.
8. All members should have their club annual fees paid.
9. All conversation on social closed groups should stay confidential and the club is not responsible for any information used without permission of its publisher nor is liable nor endorses its content in any way.
We actively encourage all our members to contribute to the Harvard Club of Portugal Social Media Group, consistent with the above guidelines.

Thank you!

The Club Board